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5 December 2016 - One to One Coding Lessons


I have been using Teens2go for some months now and I'm delighted with the excellent service.


My son Conor is 11 years old and loves computing. He was very keen to learn coding. He has additional needs and finds groups difficult to manage, so his teen tutor comes to our home for one-to-one tutoring instead. This has worked out very well and my son really looks forward to his lessons.


Our teen2go tutor is great! He is always polite, professional and on time. He has built up a fantastic rapport with my son so that Conor is motivated to work hard, but he has great fun learning at the same time.


Conor is loving learning to code. He is so enthusiastic and enjoying it so much that he is even trying to teach his technophobic mum and dad the basics! 


I have found using teens2go very straightforward and rewarding and have nothing but praise for this innovative service for young people.


I would highly  recommend Teens2go and will certainly use again in the future. 


Mrs Smith

Private Coding Lessons

15 November 2016 - Private Coding Lessons


I was so pleased to find out about Teens2go through a school mums chat group on my phone. I had been looking for something for my 13 year old son and 11 year old daughter for a while. 


Zack very kindly arranged and accommodated both children with a very professional, dedicated and polite tutor.


She is always punctual, polite and very helpful and the children feel very comfortable and at ease with her. This really helps as they have somebody they can easily communicate with and ask questions. 


My children really enjoy their lessons and I cannot commend and thank Zack enough on what a brilliant service Teens2go is providing the community. 


I would highly recommend it to anyone considering, it has been such a positive experience for my children and I intend on keeping it going long term.


I have also looked at the website and there are lots of other subjects in which tutoring is available so this will be something which i plan to make use of also in the near future. 

Thank you again Zack for this great service. Wish you continued success. 


Mrs Imtiaz. 

Private Coding Lessons

8 August 2016 - Home Coding Coach


What a really lovely boy our Teen Tutor is, he's so patient, explains everything really well and Josh really looks forward to his lessons on a Monday.  As you know, I had concerns regarding a tutor and Josh's special needs, but I have no doubt that his Coding Coach is a perfect fit in terms of Josh's needs.  He always gives me feedback at the end of the lesson as to how Josh has done, and I'm delighted to say that he's doing fantastically well which makes me feel super proud. 


 I have to say a big "thank you" Zack for starting up this truly innovative business and having our Teen Tutor as part of it, he is such an asset to your company.


Kind regards

Mrs Smith


Private Coding Lessons

17 May 2016 - Coding Club


This coding club that Zack runs is fab, my boy started when he was 11 last year (is 12 now) and is on his 3rd coding course and loves it.


He also loves football and he gave up a training night to go to coding, so that's says a lot! Jonathan looks forward to the coding club and would go more than once a week if possible.


Zack is a great lad, very inspiring, so glad we found this group. Keep it going Zack you're doing a great job.


Mrs Calderwood

Coding Club Lessons

5 May 2016 - Coding Club


My son had expressed interest in game/app design but I couldn't find anything local or within his age group until Teens2go launched the Coding Clubs last year.


We signed up straight away and has now been attending the club weekly. He thoroughly enjoys the sessions and has learned so much.  I'm pleased that his interest can be nurtured with a short trip to the local library.


When he turns 14 he will be applying to become a teen tutor too! Thoroughly recommended and thanks to Zack for this great club. 


Mrs Wong

Coding Club Lessons

13 March 2016 - Coding Club


We are so glad that the flyer about the Coding Club dropped through our letter box.


My daughter signed up for the HTML course and enjoyed it so much that she is now doing the Javascript course.


She is already talking about a career in computing but before that she would love to become a tutor for Teens2go when she is old enough. I have already recommended Teens2go to friends.


Mrs Rankin

Coding Club Lessons

27 February 2016 - Coding Club


My sons aged 10 and 12 have very much enjoyed their experience at Teens 2 Go coding club.


Mrs Bruce

Coding Club Lessons

20 February 2016 - Coding Club


My son already had some experience of HTML from his dad, so I was a little hesitant at first, but soon realised that learning from Zack was much more fun and enjoyable. My son has successfully completed two blocks of the Coding Club so far and is booked onto his third block. He looks forward to his weekly lesson and talks very highly of his experience every week. 


Zack is a wonderful role model and has lots of younger people looking up to him, aspiring to be like him one day. I know for sure that my son is desperate to turn 14 so that he can join the teens2go team of tutors.


Mrs Hussain

Coding Lessons

15th February 2016 - Coding Club


I was absolutely delighted to discover that 'Teens 2 go' had set up in my area and were going to be running regular coding clubs for children. This is something that I have been looking for for my son for a couple of years. Not only were there none in the area but in fact no regular clubs in the whole of the Glasgow so to find one locally was fantastic.


They provide regular classes which my son thoroughly enjoys. The classes are well thought out, structured and create a perfect balance between fun and learning which is essential to keep the children engaged.


The staff are knowledgeable, caring, nurturing and informative and have a lovely rapport with the children. They have taken the time to get to know the children individually and recognise their skills and also areas where they may need more support.

I could not praise this business enough and I am delighted that I managed to secure a space on the course for my son. It is a business that is doing fantastically in the community and has already established an excellent reputation.

Mrs Bennett

Coding Club Lessons

14th February 2016 - Coding Club


Club is very well organised, very relaxed and friendly astmosphere. My son absolutely loves it! He has dyslexia and the coding club have been very supportive and patient with him and gives him all the time he needs.


Fantastic club!


Mrs Macbeth

Coding Lessons

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