Price List 


We offer a valuable service to our community by creating job opportunities for teenage students from High Schools within East Renfrewshire. Teens 2 Go allows young people to utilise their skills and talents and transfer those skills and talents to the younger generation. Teens 2 Go teenage tutors can set a good example for younger children to follow across the curriculum, sports, music, hobbies and interests.

Afterschool Coding Club - £7.00 per hour 

Weekend Coding Club - £7.00 per hour

Coding Club Taster Session - FREE

Private Coding Tuition - £11.30 per hour


All private 1-2-1 sports sessions cost £11.30 per hour;


Football               Golf              Basketball

Tennis                 Athletics       Karate

Skateboard          BMX

Stunt Scooter      Cycling

Badmington         Netball                          

A private Gaming Coach sessions cost £9.30 per hour;




Child's Choice                     

All sessions cost £9.30 per hour;


Chess                         Trivial Pursuit           Scrabble                     Monopoly

Snakes & Ladders       Connect 4

Battleship                   Pictionary

Child's Choice

All private Homework Help sessions cost £11.30 per hour;


Maths         English     Chemistry   French

Biology       Reading    Geography  Spanish

Writing        Physics    History       Powerpoint

All private 1-2-1 Music sessions cost £11.30 per hour for children age 5-17 years;


Guitar                       Piano

Violin                        Drums

Viola                         Bagpipes          



All sessions cost £9.30 per hour;


Drawing                      Painting

Collage                      Colouring

Making a Model          Printing

Learn how to draw       Family Tree


All sessions cost £9.30 per hour;


Lego                         Meccano

Duplo                       Bricks and Shapes

Hobby Kits               Model Cars

Paper Airplanes        Child's Choice