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Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Clarkston, Williamwood, Thornliebank, Barrhead, Busby, Eaglesham, Neilston,

East Renfrewshire


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1. Do you provide professional tutors?


No, Teens 2 Go is proud to serve our community utilising the exemplary skills and talents of role model students aged 14-17 years working to National 5 level, Highers or Advanced Highers attending East Renfrewshire High Schools. The National 5 is the more academically advanced of the National 4 and 5 qualifications, the equivalent of a credit pass (Int 2) in a Standard Grade or a good pass in an old O Grade.


Our teen tutors offer a valuable and very affordable option for families wanting to provide peer support for their child to help consolidate, learn new and develop existing skills across academic subjects and interests, at the level they are at and communicated and delivered in a way that children are used to in school.

If you require professional tutoring to support a child's forthcoming exams then you should contact a relevent adult professional tutoring service.


2. What happens after I make my booking?


We will reply to your booking to arrange to meet you and your child at your family home before the first session to ensure we can understand your

requirements and the needs of your child. This will help us to match a local skilled and talented teen tutor for your child. You will be asked to sign a customer waiver before the first session starts. This also provides an opportunity to answer any questions you may have about our company.


3. Will I meet the teen tutor in advance of the session?


No, we will have already interviewed each student who will have gone through a 3 stage interview, selection and training process and matched their skills to your child's requirements. We will then provide you with more details as to who your teen tutor will be and why they have been selected, before they arrive for your child's first session.


4. Can I chose the gender of the teen tutor for my son or daughter?


Yes, you know your child better than anyone else and if you feel a specific gender of teen tutor would benefit your child's learning experience more, then we will aim to provide your exact requirements if we are able?


5. How well known are the teen tutors and is my child safe?


Each Teens 2 Go applicant is required to supply copies of their school academic and attendance records to prove which school and year they attend. These will also provide academic proof of subject grades they wish to transfer their skills in. They are also required to provide two personal references. They must also be able to demonstrate that they are experienced in a skill, interest or hobby that they could share and transfer to a younger child with similar interests. Each applicant who is selected to provide teen tutor services will receive Induction Training including Health and Safety, Student Training and Professional Conduct Training. A parent or adult guardian will be required to remain on site whether at home or at another location or club throughout their child's session.


6. Where will the service take place?


Depending on the type of service booked for your child, your teen tutor will want to provide the most effective use of time and resources required for your child's session and will recommend that it either takes place at your home address, the local library or at a pre-agreed location or at a local venue.


7. How reliable will your teen tutors be in sticking to the time slot and date?


When a teen tutor has been selected, he or she has been appointed on the grounds of reliability, punctuality and references from their school / club confirming their commitment and attendence and should therefore demonstrate their professionalism to you the client and Teens 2 Go. In the unfortunate event that circumstances arise outwith their or our control which results in a cancellation we will refund you in full for the cost of the session or if requested by you appoint another teen tutor to stand in on their behalf.


About our Booking, Payment Schedule & Policy


As a teen company we operate our services on a new flexible working basis to ensure that our teen tutors and coaches are able to transfer their skills on a day and time that they can fully commit to.


Teens 2 Go are committed to ensuring that teen working opportunities compliment the use of their free time and does not interfere with their own education and personal training commitments.


This new flexible system requires that you request a booking for the service of your choice and Teens 2 Go will confirm when a teen tutor is available to provide the service.


You will be able to book individual one off sessions, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions.


You will also be able to book taster sessions or blocks of clubs in advance to secure your child's place as space will be limited. If demand exceeds the number of places available in any of our clubs, we will operate a waiting list based on a first come, first serve basis.


You will be issued with an invoice for immediate payment to secure your child's club place or one to one session.


Payment can be made online via a BACS transfer through your online banking account, by telephone banking or at your local branch. Details of payments will be included on your invoice.

8. Can I leave my child with the teen tutor and pop out to run some errands? 


Teen tutors are under the legal age limit to be held accountable for the safety of your child. For health and safety reasons and to abide by the law, they cannot be expected to act as a substitute parent or guardian and parents will continue to be responsible for their child's safety and remain at home or on site for the entire duration of the booking. 


9. What materials, tools or resources will I need to provide?


We want to make sure that your child's session runs as effectively and as efficiently as possible. To ensure this happens please ensure that your child is fully prepared at the start of the session with any school books, materials, or resources that are to be covered or required during the session.


10. Do you provide support for children with additional support needs?


Yes, some of our teen tutors have previous experience and training in helping and supporting children with additional needs and we would be happy to discuss your requirements fully when we meet to explore how we can support you and your child.


11. What is your cancellation policy?


Teens 2 Go require a minimum of 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a booked session. Bookings that are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at the full rate of the session booked.


12. Where can I find more information?


Please review our Programmes and Service page or Price List or Email Us with your enquiry if you cannot find what you are looking for. We aim to respond within 24 hours of receiving your email and 48 hours if sent over a weekend, however this may be longer in periods of high demand.


13. How can I book one of your services?


Please use the following link to request your service and teen tutor, BOOK NOW