Learn through Play


Playing board games can teach important social skills,

lessons about getting along with others and when children play with older role models they can learn how to win...and lose...with grace and good manners.


We can make board games a more powerful learning tool if we teach kids that the problem solving ability is like a muscle and can be strengthened with practise, learning and by encouraging them to explain their tactics or the tactics they see others using.


Board Games can foster the ability to focus and lengthen your child's attention span by encouraging completion of an exciting and enjoyable game.

Board Games


Children of all ages will benefit from playing board games. Choose from

  • Chess

  • Trivial Pursuit Junior

  • Scrabble

  • Monoply

  • Snakes & Ladders

  • Connect 4

  • Battleship

  • Pictionary

  • Child's Game Choice

Board Games


We live in an age where everyone is busy with gadgets. Its more important than ever before to set aside time and create opportunities to help your child build upon their communication and social skills outside of the classroom with people of all ages and from all backgrounds and cultures.


Gadget free, educational and fun? It must be time for the board games and good old fashioned fun, fun, fun. Kids love to play board games, even big kids and they make a refreshing change to all the games and apps designed for tv screens of one sort or another.


What any child wants more than anything is to spend quality time with a parent.  When that's not always possible in this busy world filled with work commitments and other important day to day responsibilities our Teens 2 Go can spend unhurried, enjoyable time with your child which is rich in learning opportunities and that will satisy your child's competitive urges and desires to master new skills and concepts whilst learning to understand other people's perspectives and decisions.


Board games can teach children important social skills, such as taking turns, patience waiting for their turn, and communicating verbally. Younger children will learn about colours, shapes, figures and numbers faster and even better while they play board games. Games like Scrabble will develop language and maths skills and Monopoly teaches problem solving and strategy skills whilst having fun along the way. To reserve your child's session please BOOK NOW.



Games like chess can also teach your child to predict patterns, outcomes of alternative moves, plan ahead and to learn from experience.


All valuable transferrable skills in the game of life certain to fuel your imagination and give your child's brain a well deserved work out.