Teens 2 Go music students play at a minimum Grade 4 Level and will be working to Nat 5, Highers or advanced Highers. Many of our Teen Tutors play with the West of Scotland Schools Symphony Orchestra, East Renfrewshire Senior Schools String / Symphony Orchestra, Glasgow Youth Choir and National Youth Choir of Scotland.


Our teen tutor's will come to your home to provide a relaxed friendly music session to introduce a new instrument for beginner's lessons with your child's favourite instrument or to build on current experience. Whether your child wants;


  • to try an instrument before they commit to playing one for professional music lessons 

  • a jamming session to learn some modern current material and expand their genre of music in a fun way

  • would like some extra help with their current music to build their confidence

  • improve their skills by learning from an older peer in a fun and friendly way

  • simply have fun playing music and picking up some tips along the way


Whatever your child's needs may be, our Teens 2 Go young musicians will aim to inspire and encourage your child by having fun and building their confidence through a love of playing a mutual musical instrument together. Don't hesitate to enquire about any musical instrument your child is interested in, if it's not currently listed below as we are currently recruiting. To reserve your child's session please BOOK NOW.