Gaming Coach


Does your child love to spend time gaming? Would they like to know how to set up or know how to play a new or particular game? Maybe they are stuck at a certain level or they would love to know some tips and cheats?


Would you like your child to be more sociable when playing their Xbox or PS4 to make sure that they dont spend hours playing on their own?


Our Teens 2 Go Gaming Coaches will help develop your child's knowledge and skills with their favourite game in the comfort of your own home, while practising their social skills. Perhaps they would like to try something new before they add it to their Christmas or Birthday List?

As parents we are only too aware that expensive console games don't always live up to our child's expectations and they are quickly banished to a drawer or shelf to gather dust. 


Having a preview and sampling a game beforehand can help with decision making and save parents a fortune later on at Christmas and Birthdays, ensuring budgets are spent wisely.


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Whether it's Minecraft or Fifa 15 our teen tutor gamers will play with and teach your child all the skills they need to make the most of their game.

Lots of life skills can be learnt playing video games with someone to help teach them about decision making, problem solving and strategy.

Gaming can be a more positive and social experience when you have someone interesting and cool to play with, that will share their skills with you.