Coding Clubs 


The world is changing! The demand for skills in STEM has grown rapidly. We are moving into a wholly digital world with an increased emphasis on science, technology, engineering and science.


Learning to code at a younger age is a significant opportunity to have the skills required for 21st century jobs that are increasing as a result of the steadily growing tech and engineering sectors. 

Just as in learning any new language, starting early in childhood can offer a competitive advantage for starting the subject later in High School or University.


Teaching programming skills to children is seen as a long-term solution to the “skills gap” between the number of technology jobs and the people qualified to fill them.


Vision Coding offers Coding Clubs in answer to that gap for children aged 8-17 years.


Learning to program will also teach children skills in computational thinking, designing, planning, problem solving and working with others.


Learn To Code with a Coding Coach


Careers in programming are lucrative and they're helping us create some of the world's major innovations.


The internet offers many free resources for children to learn programming. However many resources

can be difficult to understand and prove frustrating when there are errors in the code and the concepts become harder. 


Children can often get stuck, which can dampen their self enthusiasm to continue on their own and move through the challenges of learning and building upon a new language.


Most children prefer guidance and encouragement to learn new skills and that's where our teen Coding Coaches can support and help children make learning fun along the way.


Kids can now learn programming within East Renfrewshire.


Our Vision Coding Coaches will help your child

learn how to code during one hour sessions at one of our term time Coding Clubs or Holiday Clubs.


We will guide them through the units of each language and build their confidence and sense of accomplishment to raise their self esteem.


Coding Clubs are available and accessible for children in Newton Mearns, Barrhead, Busby, Giffnock, Clarkston, Neilston, Williamwood, Woodfarm, Waterfoot, Eaglesham and throughout East Renfrewshire and Glasgow.


Parents are invited to see progress so that they can share and praise their child's progression and newly

developed skills.


Programming is a great skill to learn if your child

has an interest in creating their own computer games, apps, animations and websites one day.


We offer taster 'project' sessions for children who would like to test the water and see if coding is something they would like to learn more in depth.


 For kid's aged 8-17 years




Newton Mearns


Next Course Starts

Saturday 4 May 2019





Coding Languages

Learning to code can lead to a career as a;



  • Blogger

  • Web Developer

  • Animator

  • Computer Programmer

  • Game Creator

  • Web Designer


Learning to code is not only a career transformer for the future, but also an opportunity to change peoples lives and the world.


We offer Coding Clubs every Saturday and during holidays mid week.


  • HTML/CSS - BEGINNER - how to create websites by structuring and styling your pages 


  • Javascript - the programming language of the Web.


  • jQuery - Learn how to make your websites interactive and create animations 


  • Python - is a powerful language used by sites like YouTube and Dropbox

BEGINNER - Coding Projects Available:

  1. Make a website

  2. Make an interactive website


Coding Language Courses available later this year: