Building Toys


Encouraging creativity through building toys brings

out your child's imagination. Lots of building

toys develop logic, strategy and manual dexterity

skills and are great for social development especially when played co-operatively.


Playing with building toys helps your child to think about how and why toys do what they do. Buliding

toys also develop your child's problem solving skills, large and fine motor skills and promotes scientific thinking.


Construction toys are fun, versatile and help teach chidlren coordination. For school age children craft sets, Meccano, Lego kits and building sets are ideal.


Whether it's duplo, gears, geomag, lego or Meccano your child loves to play, our Teens 2 Go will try to help your child build structures that will make them come alive, whilst building a friendship and providing an opportunity to develop communication skills and build their confidence.


Having an older teenager round to provide structured activities perhaps with all those toys that haven't been opened, built or played with yet from last Christmas or birthday, can bring new opportunities for imaginative play, learning and development.


Teens 2 Go will help develop your child's social skills and they will learn other creative thinking skills from an older role model.


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