Arts & Crafts


No matter what your child's age, arts and crafts or creative artistic play are an important activity. They help to fuel and develop your child's imagination and creative skills which is always a great thing while they are growing and their brain is developing and changing. Arts and crafts offer your child a way to express themselves through an abundance of different activities, colours and textures which can all be tailored to your child's interests and tastes.


Creative Play

Would you like your child to spend more time being creative after school, at the weekends or during the holidays? Whether its creative fun, learning to colour in, learning new skills like how to draw or paint, our teen tutor art students will come to your home and spend quality one to one time with your child to find out what they love to do and help to create activities to bring out their confidence and love of arts and crafts. To reserve your child's session please BOOK NOW.