The founder of Vision Coding is Zack Griffin, a 18 year old High School student who started Teens 2 Go when he was just 14, his passion was to offer peer support across a range of educational services and programmes for young children at an affordable cost to families. These services aim to fill a support gap for children within our communities and create sought after job opportunities for teenagers aged 14-17 years. 


Skilled students and talented teens transfer their skills to help, develop and support younger children in Primary 1 up to S4 in High School. All of our Coding Coaches attend one of our local High Schools within the East Renfrewshire area.


This is a young, dynamic, innovative teen company who's sole purpose is to serve you and your family whilst connecting our children, young people, families and communities.


My Story


Like most kids my age, I love my phone, snowboarding, my guitar, coding and making websites and games. I decided to teach myself programming at the age of 11 when there was no tutors around to teach me. It was tough at times but I kept going and then I started to teach my brother who has autism and discovered that I enjoy that too.


Now at 18 I have learned many coding languages including HTML/CSS, Javascript,  Python, jQuery, PHP, Ruby and adding to these as I go, along with programming projects. 

I came up with the idea of offering Coding Clubs for when I couldn't find a part-time job to earn some money. I also created Teen Tutor jobs for other High School Students until my Highers year.


Coding opens up all sorts of careers across science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) and

personally I am aiming for a career in Artificial Intelligence.

In The





Zack Griffin  announced as the youngest finalist in the East Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2016. Read more about it here


08 June, 2016




Teens 2 Go is a finalist in the Young Scot Awards, read more about it here and in the Daily Record    


05 April, 2016





Teens 2 Go was awarded a Highly Commended Award by HRH The Duke of York and Peter Jones in the finals of the National Enterprise Competition, read more about it The Extra and at East Renfrewshire Council's website    


19 Mar, 2016

Apply here to become a Coding Coach at our weekly Vision Coding Clubs in East Renfrewshire.

Our next Coding Club starts Saturday 4th May 2019, please book to reserve your place.


Vision Coding Clubs run in Mearns Castle Golf Academy